710 KNUS is taking action to share direct insights
& interviews from the El Paso border.

KNUS local hosts, George Brauchler, Deborah Flora and Steffan Tubbs recently spent a week broadcasting from El Paso, Texas. The goal of the El Paso Project is designed to report with authenticity the real and growing concern of immigration and the effects on Colorado.

KNUS local host George Brauchler

George Brauchler

George Brauchler will bring continuing and detailed news and information specific to the issue of crime associated with illegal immigration.

Deborah Flora, KNUS Denver

Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora will bring continuing and detailed news and information specific to the issue of human trafficking that’s fueled by illegal immigration.

Steffan Tubbs, KNUS Denver

Steffan Tubbs

Steffan Tubbs will bring continuing and detailed news and information specific to the issue of drugs and narcotics directly related to illegal immigration.

New Mexico cattle rancher Sean Robertson shared a truly impromptu interview with Steffan Tubbs and gave some real insights as to the battle being fought by everyday people along the US/Mexico border. Sean’s ranch literally backs up to the Mexico border near Deming New Mexico Our hosts, George Brauchler, Deborah Flora, and Steffan Tubbs recently traveled to El Paso Texas to get a first hand look and to document how what is happening at the US/Mexico border impacts us directly in Colorado. From seemingly endless numbers of people from all over the world crossing the border, human trafficking, and an ever-growing amount of Fentanyl and other drugs flooding this nation. While we are in production of a finished documentary, over the next couple of weeks we’ll bring you an inside look at our travels and let you see some of the “behind the scenes” footage and uncut interviews – you might even catch a few bloopers which is always fun! Please sign the petition to let our leaders know that we are truly a “Colorado Undivided”

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Immigration Facts

  • Illegal migration costs the American taxpayer approximately $132 billion annually, and could exceed $200 billion by 2025.
  • There are at least approximately 14.3 million illegal aliens in the United States as of 2019, a jump of nearly 2 million people since 2017.
  • Denver, CO is one of 564 “sanctuary” jurisdictions throughout the United States as of May 2018.

Add your voice to the growing number of people asking Governor Jared Polis to end the “sanctuary status” of Colorado that is luring vulnerable individuals that are being exploited under failed policies and criminal elements to flood our streets. A petition will be presented on behalf of all those who are asking for this crisis to end.

Is It Humanitarian To Bring Illegal Immigrants To Colorado If They Are Unable To Work?

Many immigrants are coming to the United States from countries where they face poverty, persecution, or other forms of hardship. In many cases, these individuals are unable to obtain legal status in the United States and are forced to live in the shadows, where they are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This has led to the creation of large immigrant communities in Colorado, many of which are struggling to make ends meet.

Illegal immigration contributes to population growth, overwhelming communities by crowding classrooms, consuming already limited affordable housing, and increasing the strain on precious natural resources like water, energy, and forestland.*

How Does A Sanctuary State Impact You?

Immigration has significant implications for Colorado taxpayers. While the federal government is responsible for enforcing immigration law, state and local governments are also impacted by the presence of immigrants, both legal and illegal. State and Local governments provide social services, education, and even medical aid to all residents, regardless of their immigration status. This has and does put a strain on state and local budgets. Illegal immigrants brought to Colorado are promised shelter, food, medical aid and more, but without the documentation to work and provide for themselves, As non-taxpayers, there is no long-term solution as they won’t be contributing to the system from which they’re taking.

Sanctuary jurisdictions serve as an attractive magnet for illegal aliens, criminals among them in particular.

Add Your Voice, Colorado!

Add your voice to the growing number of people asking Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser to join with other State leaders around the country seeking to secure our border in order to stop the humanitarian crisis and the plague of fentanyl and crime devastating our communities. A petition will be presented on behalf of all those who are asking for this crisis to end.

You have the right to question Colorado’s persistently high rates of crime and whether policymakers’ decisions have facilitated this crime tsunami.

Is the surge in fentanyl related to relaxed penalties? Is there a correlation between the rise in lawless behavior such as vandalism and vagrancy and the rise in serious crime? Why are police departments experiencing staff shortages and low morale? Why has the legalization of marijuana not extinguished the black market and why is illegal marijuana trafficking on the rise? Given the increase in crime, the public should expect an increase in incarceration and yet, the number of incarcerated adults has decreased. Why has it?